Blogspot seo Tutorial and blogspot seo tools

This is a very interesting and indept post about blogspot seo  or lemme say step by step blogspot seo tutorial  if  you want to optimize your blogspot for seo  then this post is for you, in this  blogspot seo optimization tutorial you will be able to learn  some  blogspot seo tools,all in one seo plugin for blogger, yoast seo plugin for blogspot  and many other things you need to know to setup your blogspot for seo 

Blogspot seo

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And more I will reveal to you some other things in blogspot like blogspot tips and tricks, seo plugin for blogger let me assure you that this is the best blogspot seo guide and blogspot seo script present on the web now

Keep reading and put everything in this page to practice in your blogspot blog

Many people have been facing a lot of problems in terms  of setting up seo for blogspot sites because of the way of setting seo for blogspot  is very sensitive

And it’s not easy to setup compare to WordPress

But for me I have use blogspot to create many successful site for Myself and my clients as  well

So  I am competent of taking you through the whole process of setting seo for blogspot

Blogspot seo : seo setting for blogger

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Now let’s start

blogspot sites are automatically add to search console because blogspot is own by Google

so you don’t need to be submit your blogspot site to search console again

Let’s just move on to  submitting your site sitemap to search console

Submitting your site sitemap to search console

Submitting sitemap to search console is very very important for all blogs not only blogspot but including all other hosts

Now this is how to submit your blogspot site sitemap to search console

Login to your search console 

You can use This link to login to your search console

Now click on sitemap in your search console dashboard as shown in the picture  below

Blogspot seo

At the Top right corner of your sitemap page, Select Add/text Sitemap

You will see something like this

Blogspot seo

Now paste this code on the provided space like the one display above

But note If your site blog post is above 500 or you have more than 500 post on your blog you would use this sitemap instead

Now let move on

Blogspot seo optimization

now to optimize your blogspot blog for Seo now follow this process very carefully

login to your blogspot blog dashboard

√ now click on setting

√click on search preference

After then the first thing to do to optimize our blogspot blog for Seo is to firstly sett up our meta description (I. E your blogspot blog meta description that will let people know more about your blog)

Note: meta description is automatically disabled in blogspot and which is very important for you to enable it and let the people and the search engine know what your blog is all about so it’s important to enable it

After you have clicked the search preference options then another option will come up

now in front of the description click on the edit button  like the picture below

Blogspot seo optimization

Then two options will pop up (yes) and (no)

Click on the yes option then a text box will appear where you can just put your blog description (I. E your blogspot description is what your blog is all about) in a less than 150 character

Note: your blog description is very important it will show up when a person search for your blog on Google or any other search engines so make it eye catching and descriptive

our next blogspot seo tutorial  will be on

setting custom robots tags : blogspot seo tutorial

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Setting up custom Robots tags is a very important blogspot seo optimization which must be done this is the reason why

This robot tags allow the search engine crawler to your blogspot blog and URL whenever you write a new content or make any new changes in your blogspot blog

Many people trends to leave it undone because it is not easy to understand but it has been made easy in this blogspot seo optimization guide

to set the custom robot tag in blogspot

This setting will be done in your search preference settings where you set your meta description earlier

on your search preference click on the edit button in front of the custom robot tag then do the settings as in the picture below

Blogspot seo optimization

After checking all the box that are checked in this above picture then you have set up you custom robots tags successfully

Now to the next blogspot seo tutorial 

Best blogspot seo guide : Setting up custom robots txt in your blogspot blog

First what is custom robots txt in seo as a whole : It’s the robots.txt file (also called the robots
exclusion protocol or standard).

This custom robots txt  is part of every website on the Internet, but most people don’t even know about it.

It’s a very legit seo hack

And it’s very important to set it up if you want to do your blogspot seo optimization in a right way

editing this ordinary text in your blog can make your blog life more better

It is designed to work with search engine crawlers ,and it’s a very great seo hack

The robots.txt file, also known as the robots exclusion protocol or standard, is a text file that tells web robots (most often search engines) which pages on your site to crawl, and the pages not to crawl

If a search engine crawls your site, it will crawl every single post on your blog .

And if you have a lot of pages, it will take the search engine bot a while to crawl them, which can have negative effects on your ranking.

That’s because Googlebot (Google’s search engine bot) has a “crawl budget.”

you can now see how important it is? let’s go to how to set it up in blogspot

Now use this below picture to set up you custom robots txt

Best blogspot seo guide

Blogspot seo

Just use the above picture click on those buttons circle red in your blogspot dashboard ,then you are done

Now let’s move on

blogspot seo

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In this section I will be some blogspot seo tips that you might not have knowledge about it before

Now you want to write a new post for your blog

after writing the post it need to be optimized before publishing for better rankings

Now this is how to optimize your blogspot blog post

Blogspot seo tutorial

Now this is your post setting lemme explain the above picture

  • labels : this post label can be considered as post  categories (I. E the category where you want this post to fall to)
  • Permalink : this permalink are the word you want to put in your URL of the present post, it is very very important in optimizing a site for Seo, this is among one the place where Search engine bot will crawl to know what you blog post is taking about ,so it important that you put your keywords in your permalink
  • Search description : this is a place where you will put your blog post description and it is very important that  your keywords appear in your search description for better rankings ,since it will let the search engine bot know more about the keyword you are targeting in your post
  • Custom robot tag : just leave it at default if you follow the above settings before

now to blogspot tips and tricks 

blogspot tips and tricks

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there are some blogspot tips and tricks that are important but it’s not every body that knows this

You are going to know them all in this post

1. My first blogspot tips and tricks is : keywords in permalink

this permalink is one of my favorite blogspot tips and tricks or let me say blogspot seo hack 

The rules of permalink in a blog post is very important

Putting your keyword in your permalink is important and it will let the search engine crawler bots know more about the keyword you are targeting in your post

Another important thing about permalink is that your permalink should not contain any stop word or else it can waste your seo effort

2. My second blogspot seo setup is keywords density

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Maintaining your keywords density in a blog post is another great blogspot tips and tricks which is very important and should not be ignored

Surfing keywords in your post is a very great mistake you will have make as a blogger

There is 70% of guarantee that your blog post will be penalized by Google if you surf keywords in your post and your entire site might be penalized by Google

So make sure you maintain your keywords density in your post

3 Meta description

The meta description of  your blog and your blog post is a very important blogspot tips and tricks to keep in mind

Meta description is the description that the people will see in search engine when they search for you site or they searched for a keyword which your blog is ranking for

In Google ranking strategy the high the higher the click the higher the rankings,

make sure your meta description is very straight forward and eyes catching and it should consist of your keywords you are targeting in your post so that the people will click on your results and if you are getting much clicks than your competitors then Google will believe that your post is descriptive and independent then Google will rank you high , so it a very important blogspot seo optimization you should keep in mind

4. no follow external links

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You blogs is new and there is low flow of link juice to your site because it is low

this is the reason why you should not follow your external link in other for search engine not to share your site link juice to another site why you link to

Putting external link In a blog post is very important

brain Dean of Backlinko Said that “not linking out in your blog post is #1 Onpage Seo mistakes I link out 2-4x in 1000 words in my blog post”

I think you see that linking out us important but don’t never link to your competitors or else they will out rank you

Nofollow is an HTML attribute specified on hyperlinks to block search engine advantage of external links in a website.

In Blogger, you can select HTML section of the post window and add rel=”nofollow” attribute just after URL to prevent search engines from crawling a particular link.

5. no follow your comment link

Some bloggers  love to comment on your blog post not because of anything but only to gain a link back to there site

The Comment section should be no-followed and moderated to avoid spam comments. Try to include the post keywords when you are replying to reader comments.

This would also add up to the total keyword density of the post.

now to Seo plugins for blogger 

seo plugin for blogger

Many people believe that you can not use plugin in blogspot which is true and truly there is no seo plugin for blogger 

but still yet there are other ways of making things working blogspot too

And how to make things work on blogspot is what I want to let you know here, just follow the step very well and with care

There are two most wanted seo plugin for blogger which many blogspot users wish it is available in blogspot too like in WordPress

And the Two are

  • Yoast SEO plugin for Blogspot
  • All in One SEO Plugin For Blogger

they love this two Seo tool because in WordPress they are the best seo plugin

Now lets go

Yoast SEO plugin for Blogspot

To set up yoast seo plugin for blogspot follow this tutorials very closely

Now to use Yoast seo plugin for blogspot in your blogspot blog is easy but not by installing it on your site

Blogspot don’t support installing plugins but there is a way to get things working as I have said earlier

now to use yoast seo plugin for blogspot use this method

1. This below picture shows how optimizing contents on WordPress look like when you are using yoast plugins

Yoast seo plugin for blogspot

Note that two red arrow in the above picture

There is a way you can do it on blogspot too

you see the first arrow , the one at the top is blog posts description which is available in blogspot dashboard too

and the second one is slug, which is refer to as permalink which is available in blogspot too as well

This is not the main issue thou you have 50% of yoast WordPress plugins in your blogspot too

this is the main gist

How to optimize your blog post using yoast seo plugin for blogspot

Now to use yoast seo plugin for blogspot  you can use the Yoast content analysis

this is  The link

just click on the above link you will see something like this below picture

Yoast seo plugin for blogspot

Now let’s me explain how to use yoast content analysis as alternative to yoast seo plugin for blogspot 

Yoast seo plugin for blogspot : alternative

Now to use the yoast contents Analysis

  1. Copy the content then paste it in the Space provided
  2. Now scroll down and fill the keyword you wish to target in your blog post
  3. then fill the snipet preview you want to use for your post ( the blog post description)
  4. then scroll down you will see the results similar to something like this

Yoast seo plugin for blogspot

this is the result and this is how it show exactly in WordPress too

now fix everything with the red button until it all turns green

Now you have use yoast seo plugin for blogspot , after everything has turn to green just copy the content and paste it on your blog

an that’s all

All in One SEO Plugin For Blogger

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This is another seo plugin for blogger which I will show you how to use it in this blogspot seo tutorial 

there is many advantages of using this all in one seo plugin for blogger this are some advantages below

  • Optimize your post Title using H2 Tag
  • Convert title Tag into Dynamic title Tag
  • Show your post Title first in SERPs ( Search engine Result Pages)
  • Add Meta Tags to your Blogger blog
  • Optimize your Blogger comments
  • Optimize your Blogger Archives
    Add SEO friendly Robots.text file for your blog
  •  Verify Google and Bing by verification codes
  • Optimize your Blogger Labels (Category)
  • Add Author Facebook profile
  • Add Author Twitter profile
  • Add Author Google+ profile

Isn’t all this feature amazing?

Now to go straight to the point how can u you use all in one seo plugin for blogger 

use this below tutorials and do it with care, avoid any single mistakes

Now all in one seo plugin for blogger 

this is a three step setting

1. Copy the code : all in one seo plugin for blogger

I will give you a code now which you will copy

<!– All In One SEO Pack for Blogger
Blogspot By:</p>
<p> Start –></
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType ==
<title><data:blog.pageName/> –
cond=’data:blog.metaDescription !=
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType ==
<meta content=’noindex, nofollow’
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType ==
<b:if cond=’data:blog.url ==
<meta expr:content=’data:blog.title’
<meta content=’index, follow’
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageTitle !=
</b:if><meta content=’GOOGLE
VERIFICATION CODE’ name=’google-
<meta content=’BING VERIFICATION
CODE’ name=’msvalidate.01’/></p>
<meta content=’YANDEX
<meta content=’global’
<meta content=’1 days’
<meta content=’1 days’
<meta content=’document’
<meta content=’all’
<meta content=’general’
<meta content=’all’ name=’robots’/
<meta content=’en-us’
<meta content=’USA’
<meta content=’Facebook Insight ID
<meta content=’
<meta content=’@abdullahipresido’
<meta content=’abdullahipresido ’
<link href=’
+abdullahipresido </p>
/about’ rel=’author’/></p>
<link href=’
+Abdullahpresido </p>
/posts’ rel=’publisher’/></p>
<!– All In One SEO Pack for Blogger
Blogspot By:</p>
<p> End –>

now copy the above code let’s move to second step

editing the code : all in one seo plugin for blogger

now you need to edit the above giving code which I gave to you earlier before pasting it on your blig

follow this step

Change GOOGLE VERIFICATION CODE with your verification code

Change BING VERIFICATION CODE with your verification code

Change YANDEX VERIFICATION CODE with your verification code

Change Facebook Insight ID here with your own InsightID

Change with your twitter link

Change @Abdullahpresido with your twitter username

Change abdullahipresido with your name

Change with your Gmail address

Change +abdullahipresido with your Google+ Account ID

now to step three

pasting the  the code on your blog

note : make sure you backup your theme before following this step to be fail safe

Now go to your blogspot dashboard ,Click on Theme >> Click on Edit HTML and a code editor page will pop-up

Now in the code editor page, click on it and press Ctr+F And in the small pop-up box at the right- hand side type in <head>

And below paste the code you Have copy earlier

NOTE : Paste the code below not
above <head> After that, save your Template

the you have successful add all in one seo plugin for blogger and it’s one of the best  seo plugin for blogspot that I have listed above

now let’s move on to blogspot seo tools 

blogspot seo tools

Many people trend to believe that blogspot seo tools did not exist but it wrong

In this section I will show you a lot of blogspot seo tools that you can be using for your blogspot blog

1. SEO ANALYZER : blogspot seo tools

Did you want to analyze your blogspot blog for Seo?

then this is an option for you

Seo analyser  is an SEO tool that  helps to analyze blog social media ranking, site usability, site speed
and meta tags ,and many other things

2. sitemap generator : blogspot seo tools

Site map generator : XML generator is a free Sitemap tool that helps to generate a default sitemap for your blog and help Google to automatically crawl your site anytime which helps in ranking your site.

Since you know that sitemap is very important to a blog, then you must have know how important this blogspot seo tools is

Mobile friendly test tool : blogspot seo tools

mobile friendlyness of a blog is important to google this days ,and it’s one of the most important ranking factors in Google now, since the amount of mobile surfing the internet is increasing day by day

mobile friendly test is a great blogspot seo tools which you should not ignore

add this : blogspot seo tools

Add this is one of the most popular blogspot seo tools which are highly use by many blogspot users

this tool help provide share buttons,
follow button, targeting tool and content recommendation which helps you with more likes, share and followers. And many other uses


Reverso Is on of my favorite blogspot seo tools in checking a blog post spelling and grammar

This tool helps to check your blog spellings and grammar.

spellings and grammar checker tool are very important or else if you are making a hell of mistakesof spellings in your blog post and your visitor did not understand you then it will lead to them bounce back and never to return to your site again

conclusion on blogspot seo

follow all this above blogspot seo tutorial in this post very well

Now blogspot seo optimization has been made simple

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