traffic spirit alternative ( other software like traffic spirit)

Are you looking for traffic spirit alternative because of many Traffic spirit disadvantages?

Then you are at the right place

but firstly I will like you to check This traffic spirit review

Their are many disadvantages of traffic spirit like giving your site bad signals in search engine, decreasing your Alexa ranking, and traffic spirit is a virus itself

All this factors are enough to look out for traffic spirit alternative which I am going to reveal for you here

Why did you need a traffic generating software

Here are some reason why many people do look out for traffic generating software

1. Traffic is the blood cell of any website and websites without traffic is considered to be  a dead site.

2. There are more than half a billion active websites under the sun and almost 70% of them struggle to get traffic due to the high competition

3. Getting traffic at huge volume will surely improve your ranking on several web metrics which will definitely increase the trust and
authority of your website in the eye of visitors

4. there are many online ad networks who have no problem with the source of traffic and hence
you can also make money out of your traffic.

Reason why you should not use traffic generating software

1. Your Google Adsense

Generating traffic from using traffic generating software lead to your Adsense get banned

If you are using Google Adsense to monitize your blog I will highly advice you to move away from using traffic generating software or else your ads will get banned

2. Forget about sales

You too should have know this even without telling you

You should ask yourself what does those traffic generated from traffic generating software want to buy

If you generating traffic using this method just forget about sells or any leads

Enough of the talk

Let’s move on to the traffic spirit alternative

Best traffic spirit alternative

1. Traffic bot :- best traffic spirit alternative

Traffic spirit alternative

TrafficBot is a UK based powerful web traffic generator company which serves millions ofvtraffic every single month.

No matter for which purpose you want to buy traffic, it can provide
you traffic for whatever reason you want.

The traffic from this tool is only  US targetd traffic , Alexa traffic, Adsense safe website traffic and many more

another cool thing about this tool is that you can try it out for free

Why don’t you truly it yourself and see if this tool really worth it

2. Active web traffic :- another traffic spirit alternative


Active WebTraffic is an affordable search engine submission tool that submits your website to hundreds of relevant search engines and directories worldwide.

ThIs  application is a complete web promotion solution that includes everything you need to launch your website and keep it at the top of a search engine’s results.

it’s powered by a decent back-end network that has the potential to actually funnel real views your way rather than just blind bot traffic.

3. Daytona

Daytona is another traffic spirit alternative and its unique  in the world of traffic generators.

Daytona  uses a command line system.

It’s also designed to work on Windows 7, it allows QoS throttling and it supports IPv6, which surprisingly little enterprise software does today.

It’s also freewaredeveloped by Microsoft.

Wrapping up on traffic spirit alternative

Babylon traffic review:- is Babylon traffic legit? Check out

Well  all this are the above listed traffic spirit alternative which you can use but always remember it precaution

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